About Us

Tri-County CMHC is one of the South Carolina Department of Mental Health’s 17 Community Mental Health Centers. We serve Chesterfield, Marlboro, and Dillon counties. Our mission is to support the recovery of persons with mental illness. Our priorities are to serve adults with serious and disabling mental illness and emotionally disturbed children and adolescents and their families.

Tri-County Values:

  • Promotion of mental health through counseling, consultation, and preventative education
  • The focus on improved quality of life, accessing potential, and reducing the effects of disability.
  • The administration of services in a manner that promotes dignity, builds on strengths, supports independence, and respects the wishes of the client.
  • The provision of services provided locally or as close to the client’s home as possible.
  • The promotion of services that are age, culturally, and racially appropriate.
  • The elimination of stigma associated with being a client of mental health services and discrimination against mental health service clients in any aspect of community integration.


Our Goals & Plan for This Year